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22 January 2022 (Sat), 15:00 World famous Mariinsky Ballet and Opera - established 1783 - Stars of the Stars  Opera Ruggero Leoncavallo "Pagliacci" (opera in two acts and a prologue)

Running time: 1 hour 15 minutes (till 16:15)

Schedule for Ruggero Leoncavallo "Pagliacci" (opera in two acts and a prologue) 2022

Baritone: Vladimir Moroz
Baritone: Edem Umerov
Tenor: Alexander Timchenko
Tenor: Mikhail Vekua
Soprano: Ekaterina Sannikova

Composer: Ruggero Leoncavallo
Lighting Designer: Vladimir Lukasevich
Musical Preparation: Alla Brosterman
Stage Director: Isabelle Partiot-Pieri
Set Designer: Isabelle Partiot-Pieri
Principal Chorus Master: Pavel Petrenko

Orchestra: Mariinsky Theatre Symphony Orchestra
Opera company: Mariinsky (Kirov) Opera

Opera in 2 acts

Performed in Italian the performance will have synchronised Russian supertitles

World premiere: 21 May 1892, Teatro Dal Verme, Milan
Premiere of this production: 3 April 2006, Mariinsky Theatre, St Petersburg, Russia

The opera had its premiere in Milan, Italy, in 1892 and has retained its popularity since that time. Soloists sing the music with involvement, and in peak vocal form.
Splendid performance by soloists, chorus and orchestra.
This is a highly entertaining production, cleverly designed and presented with attention to detail.
Leoncavallo’s masterpiece ranks among the most emotional performances at the Mariinsky.

The secret of the world success of Pagliacci is a combination of simplicity of the plot and great music. The movable feast of the itinerant artists ends in a sad way: husband kills his wife and her lover. And the audience is not quite sure till the very end if the tragedy is only theatrical or not.

Libretto by the composer (performed in Italian)




Before the curtain rises Tonio appears dressed as a clown. He explains to the audience what they are about to see on stage. "Real are the tears and suffering that you are to see!" Tonio exclaims. "After all, an actor loves and hates just like everyone else, and a passionate heart beats beneath his clownish attire."


The drama begins. A company of travelling comedians arrives in a small Italian village. The villagers joyfully greet Canio, the leader of the company, his actress wife Nedda, Tonio the clown and Beppe the actor. The performance will be in the evening, so one of the villagers suggests the comedians pass their time in the tavern. Canio and Beppe agree readily and ask Tonio to go too, but he declines. He is nursing a grievance against the companyґs jealous leader for offending him. Canioґs jealousy is justified. In the village that they have come to Nedda has a lover – the young peasant Silvio. Left alone, Nedda dreams of meeting him. Having sneaked up unnoticed, Tonio declares his love for her. Nedda responds to the hideous clownґs declarations with derisive laughter, cooling his passions with a lash of a whip. Impotent with rage Tonio leaves, threatening revenge. Meanwhile, despite the danger, Silvio appears, sincerely and lovingly devoted to Nedda. He implores her to abandon her life on the road and run away with him. Suddenly the wrathful voice of the companyґs leader is heard, Canio having rushed back to call for the offended clown. Silvio, however, manages to flee unrecognised. Canio insists that Nedda name her lover, but to no avail. Then he leaps at her with a knife. Beppe pulls Canio off and Tonio calms him, saying that the fugitive will return for the performance and there he will somehow give himself away. The show will begin soon…


A merry crowd of villagers awaits the start of the entertainment. Tonio and Beppe show the audience to their seats; Silvio is among them. The plot being acted out is similar to the events in the actorsґ own lives. Taddeo (Tonio) loves Colombina (Nedda), but she loves Arlecchino (Beppe). Pagliaccio (Canio) interrupts their rendezvous.
Colombinaґs words of farewell to Arlecchino shock Canio – they are the same words Nedda spoke to her lover as he left. His jealousy flares up once more and in a fit of fury he stabs Nedda to death and then Silvio, who leaps onto the stage on hearing his loverґs dying scream.
"La commedia и finita!" exclaims Tonio.

Schedule for Ruggero Leoncavallo "Pagliacci" (opera in two acts and a prologue) 2022

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