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14 July 2017 (Fri), 19:00 World famous Mariinsky Ballet and Opera Theatre - Opera and Concert Hall - Opera Jules Massenet "Cendrillon" opera in four acts (concert performance)

Schedule for Jules Massenet "Cendrillon" opera in four acts (concert performance) 2017/2018

Conductor: Mikhail Sinkevich
Soprano: Olga Pudova

Composer: Jules Massenet
Choir: The Mariinsky Academy of Young Opera Singers

Orchestra: Mariinsky Theatre Symphony Orchestra
Opera company: Mariinsky (Kirov) Opera

Opera in 4 acts

Music by Jules Massenet
Libretto by Henri Caïn

Performed by soloists of the Mariinsky Academy of Young Opera Singers
Artistic Director of the Academy: Larisa Gergieva


Act Iá
Theámansion of Madame la Comtesse de la Haltièreá
Pandolfe laments his destiny. He has married an aristocrat and now knows no peace. For days, his wife has been berating him for his low rank, extolling her own first husband and daughters. Madame la Comtesse de la Haltière torments Pandolfe's daughter Lucette from his first marriage, forcing her to perform heavy-duty tasks, and calls her Cendrillon.á
Theácountess and her daughters, Noémie and Dorothée, are preparing for aároyal ball. After their departure, Cendrillon commences her duties and then, tired, falls asleep. Accompanied by magical spirits, Cendrillon's godmother theáFairy appears. Cendrillon is worthy of attending theároyal ball. TheáFairy adorns her ináa beautiful dress and presents her with magic slippers that will make her unrecognisable. Sending Cendrillon off to theáball, she warns theágirl that at midnight she must leave theápalace at all costs.

Act IIá
TheáRoyal Palaceá
At theáRoyal Palace everything is ready for theáball. Courtiers, doctors and ministers try to amuse theáPrince, who has been melancholy for many days. TheáKing enters and indicates that theáball should start. Cendrillon appears. Seeing her, theáPrince cannot tear his eyes away from her, and she replies inákind. Cendrillon and theáPrince are so absorbed with one another that they do not see how theátime is flying by. Suddenly theáclock chimes midnight. Cendrillon flees.

Act IIIá
Scene 1. Theámansion of Madame la Comtesse de la Haltièreá
Cendrillon returns from theáball recalling her impressions of meeting theáPrince. She was inásuch haste to leave theápalace that she has lost aáslipper. Soon theácountess and her daughters return home. They discuss theáevents at theáball and talk about how briefly theáPrince was charmed by aámysterious stranger and that after her departure he forgot her. Cendrillon is inádespair. Left alone, she resolves to leave theáhouse and die under theáfairies' oak.á
Scene 2. A magical kingdomá
TheáFairy and theámagical spirits decide to help Cendrillon and theáPrince meet once again. They pronounce aámagic spell ľ and Cendrillon and theáPrince appear inátheáforest. A wall of flowers grows up between theálovers, preventing them from seeing each other. Cendrillon and theáPrince exchange declarations of love, and then theáFairy immerses them ináa magical dream.

Act IVá
Scene 1. Theámansion of Madame la Comtesse de la Haltièreá
Cendrillon has been found sleeping inátheáforest next to aástream and has been brought home. Waking up from her long dream, she believes that her meeting theáPrince has been aáfigment of her imagination. Pandolfe tries to console her. Suddenly theávoice of aáherald is heard from theástreet; he is summoning young ladies from different countries to theápalace for them to try on theásingle enchanted slipper. Cendrillon understands that all these events did, ináfact, truly happen to her.á
Scene 2. TheáRoyal Palaceá
Theáyoung ladies assemble at theápalace, and theáPrince is delighted to recognise Cendrillon among them. Theálovers are reunited.

Schedule for Jules Massenet "Cendrillon" opera in four acts (concert performance) 2017/2018

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