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10 March 2014 (Mon), 19:30 World famous Mariinsky Ballet and Opera - Mariinsky II (New Theatre) - Stars of the Stars Opera "Birzhan and Sara" (Opera in four acts) Production by the Astana State Opera House

Schedule for "Birzhan and Sara" (Opera in four acts) Production by the Astana State Opera House 2019

Tenor: Akhmed Agadi

Stage Director: Yuri Alexandrov
Composer: Mukan Tulebayev
Opera company: Astana Opera

Orchestra: Mariinsky Theatre Symphony Orchestra
Opera company: Mariinsky (Kirov) Opera

Opera in 4 acts

Music by Mukan Tulebayev
Libretto by Khajim Dzhumaliev

Production Conductor: Abzal Mukhitdinov
Stage Director: Yuri Alexandrov
Production Designer: Vyacheslav Okunev
Principal Chorus Master: Yerzhan Dautov
Choreographers: Tursynbek Nurkaliev, Vladimir Romanovsky
Lighting Designer: Yevgeny Vinogradov
Computer Graphics Designer: Viktoria Zlotnikova

Premiere: Almaty, November 7, 1946 , under the control of G. Stolyarov .
The opera was shown in Moscow December 6, 1958 at the decade of Kazakh art .

Birzhan , folk poet and singer , tenor
Mother Birjan , mezzo-soprano
Birjan father , baritone
Yestay friend Birjan , tenor
Altynay girl , soprano
Sarah , folk singer , soprano
Zhienkul , buy , baritone
Zhambota , the local governor , baritone
Serik bodyguard Zhamboty , tenor


Act I
Fairground festivities in Kazakh village Kuyandy . Traditional folk entertainment - the struggle of athletes , craps , swing. Brings glad tidings peasants youth Yestay : approaching his friend , everyone's favorite , folk singer and poet Birzhan . Most excited about this message Altynay girl in love with a young singer . She tries to learn from Yestay recalled about whether it Birzhan days in his wanderings . Yestay tries to laugh it off and do not answer the question directly . But the girl still manages to find out what thoughts Birjan captured the lovely Sara - inspired folk singer . It should also come to the festival - the group will witness the creative competition Birjan and Sarah , two renowned masters of folk singing. From afar, the song sounds Birjan praising his native land . Joyfully welcomes people of your pet . But the celebration is overshadowed by the emergence of bai Zhienkula , omnipotent wealthy. He is accompanied by a large retinue , guards and servants . Among them are sneaky, smarmy Serik , royal bodyguard satrap Zhamboty local ruler . Yes, and the governor did not hesitate to come to festivities . The appearance of beautiful Sarah escapes the gaze Zhienkula , struck by her beauty. Sarah's thoughts are directed to only one Birzhanov and young singer thinks only of his beloved Sarah. Greeting each other , folk singers give birth debate about what song is better. Sarah celebrates songs of joy and gladness , Birzhan - songs of anger and fighting . Event singers interrupted by order bai lead to it Sarah - she is the fourth wife Zhienkula . The girl refuses to obey. Birzhan appeals to the governor and baju Zhambote with sharp diatribe and threats ruler responsible witty song mocking Zhambotu . Ruler ordered guards grab Birjan but protects people and forces favorite singer and his entourage Zhambotu retire from the fair.

Act II
Birzhan sitting in his tent, pitched on the lake, the song sings in a passionate lover Sarah. Old mother Birjan not calm for her son. More disturbed by his cowardly scored destitution father, whom the mullahs warn against danger of collision with the authorities. But Birjan not afraid of the rich and royal henchmen . Singer is not alone , for a nation . Birzhan keen to talk to friends about their distant wanderings , meetings with remarkable poet and freedom fighter Abai , he sings them wonderful songs Abai. Among young people who had come to see Birzhanov - and his beloved Sarah . Here and her opponent - Altynay . From struggling to faithful friend of the singer Esta distract jealous girl. Left alone for a short time , and Sarah Birzhan swear each other eternal love and fidelity. But danger lurks already lovers. Zhambota and his guards pull force at Birjan Sarah and gone to the house Zhienkula .

Ornate and richly celebrating their wedding Zhienkul buy . Songs, dances and games. Yestay to help his friend and save Birzhanov unfortunate Sarah decides to scare bai and his guests. The young man says that Birzhan grief of his mind - a madman dangerous wild beast . This news , as expected Yestay , spreads rapidly and reaches the ears bai. Holiday, however, continues, do not cease funny songs , guests dance , toasting . In a solemn moment of the groom - Zhienkula - guests flee in fear affected advent Birjan . In horror hidden and groom himself . Left alone with Sarah Birzhan offers escape to distant lands, where they will help Russian friends . But driven by the blind jealousy leads Altynay guards to separate Birjan and Sarah . Brave Determined to defend the singer - before his dagger retreating enemies . However tricky Serik , crept back , throws a lasso loop boy . Birzhan put in prison .

Act IV
Guarding the entrance to the prison, where languishing unfortunate Birzhan , Serik hour asleep. Quietly crept up to him Sara , quietly took the keys out of his pocket and went to prison in Bound Birzhanov . Date with your favorite inspires Birjan . But do not sleep insidious Altynay . It leads to the dungeon Zhienkula . He wakes up and tells Serik szyvat people on trial over an unfaithful wife . Sarah faces the death penalty. Altynay exults : Birzhan get it now . Court being accomplished with lightning speed - Zhienkulu not wait , he wants revenge . But do not have time to say the last words of Mullah sentence as armed peasants gathered Esta brave , free and Sarah Birjan . Then Altynay , approaching Sarah suddenly plunges a dagger into her heart. With words of love to Birzhanov Sarah dies. Heartbroken singer leans over his beloved.

Schedule for "Birzhan and Sara" (Opera in four acts) Production by the Astana State Opera House 2019

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