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Valentina Panina (Actor)

• Honoured Artist of Russia
• Diploma-recipient at the Festival of Dramatic Art of the USSR (1979, Hungary)
• Diploma-recipient at the Festival of Dramatic Art of the USSR
• Recipient of the audience award from the Society of Theatregoers

Born in Omsk. In 1968 she graduated from the Moscow Mikhail Shchepkin Theatre School of the Maly Theatre of the USSR (class of Viktor Korshunov).
From 1968 to 1984 Valentina Panina worked at the Academic Pushkin Theatre, later moving to the Lenin Komsomol Theatre (Baltic House Theatre) in Leningrad.
Actress at the Komissarzhevskaya Theatre since 1988.

The actress has performed many major roles in the contemporary and classical repertoires to great acclaim. In a renowned production of Elegy after the play by Poplavsky, she performed the role of the actress Maria Savina opposite Bruno Freindlich. It was this role that helped her to develop a full awareness of the acting profession.

For fifteen years Valentina Panina has been an actress at the Komissarzhevskaya Theatre. It was here that the actress’ skill has been kept constantly fresh thanks to roles in the unusual genre of sharp characterisation. She has appeared in both classical dramas and lighter comedies, as can be seen from her performances in productions of The Gambler, Balakirev the Jester and French Things among others.
With her good looks and inner qualities, such as her temperament, graceful movements, charm, musicality and expressive and beautiful voice, Valentina Panina frequently works to great acclaim in the genre of melo-declamation and musical mono-productions. One of her most recent works in this field was a production based on songs by Klavdia Shulzhenko. She has made successful appearances at other theatres, among them the theatre Beyond Chernaya Rechka and the Comedian’s Refuge.

Film work includes The Ballad of Bering Strait, Donkey Skin, The King of Blackmail and Sherlock Holmes among others.

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