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22 May 2019 (Wed), 19:00 World famous Mariinsky Ballet and Opera - established 1783 - Stars of the Stars Opening of the XXVII Music Festival Stars of the White Nights Classical Ballet Evening of one-act ballets: "Serenade", "In the Night", "Push Comes to Shove"

Schedule for Evening of one-act ballets: "Serenade", "In the Night", "Push Comes to Shove" 2020

Dancer: Yevgeny Ivanchenko
Dancer: Alina Somova
Dancer: Vladimir Shklyarov
Dancer: Andrei Yermakov
Dancer: Tatiana Tkachenko
Conductor: Gavriel Heine
Dancer: Maria Shirinkina
Dancer: Konstantin Zverev
Dancer: Alexander Romanchikov
Dancer: Nadezhda Batoeva
Dancer: Oxana Skorik
Dancer: Kimin Kim
Dancer: Yekaterina Chebykina
Dancer: Kristina Shapran
Dancer: Roman Belyakov

Composer: Peter Tchaikovsky
Composer: Frederic Chopin
Lighting Designer: Vladimir Lukasevich
Choreography: George Balanchine
Composer: Franz Joseph Haydn
Choreography: Jerome Robbins

Orchestra: Mariinsky Theatre Symphony Orchestra
Ballet company: Mariinsky (Kirov) Ballet

Serenade is a milestone in the history of dance. It is the first original ballet George Balanchine created in America and is one of the signature works of New York City Ballet’s repertory. Balanchine began the ballet as a lesson in stage technique and worked unexpected rehearsal events into the choreography.

The program includes the best productions of the theatre, the main parts of which will be performed by famous dancers from around the world.

The spectators are waited by many pleasant surprises and a unique opportunity to get acquainted with the ballet traditions of a distant continent.




Music by Pyotr Tchaikovsky
Choreography by George Balanchine (1935)
Staging: Francia Russell and Karin von Aroldingen
Costume design: Karinska
Original lighting design: Ronald Bates
Lighting: Vladimir Lukasevich
Lighting Adaptation for the Mariinsky II by Andrei Ponizovsky and Yegor Kartashov


World premiere: 1 March 1935, American Ballet, Adelphi Theatre, New York
Premiere at the Mariinsky Theatre: 30 April 1998, St Petersburg

Running time 35 minutes

The Ballet of George Balanchine Serenade is presented by arrangement with The George Balanchine Trust and has been produced in accordance with the Balanchine Style® and Balanchine Technique® service standards established and provided by the Trust
The Mariinsky Theatre would like to express its gratitude to Mrs Bettina von Siemens for her support in bringing the "Ballets of George Balanchine" project to life.

Age category 6+


"In the Night"


Music by Frédéric Chopin
Choreography by Jerome Robbins (1970)

Staged by Ben  Huys
Costumes by Anthony Dowell
Lighting by Jennifer Tipton
Recreated by Nicole Pearce


Prior to the appearance of this ballet in the Mariinsky Theatre repertoire, Russian audiences knew Jerome Robbins only as a hypostasis – Robbins-the-choreographer-of-musicals, Robbins-the-Broadway-triumph. Not for his “live” productions, of course, but rather for his film version of Westside Story, which caused a veritable furore in the cinemas of the Soviet Union. In 1992, the Mariinsky Theatre brought another Robbins to the country – Robbins the lyricist and the intellectual, one of the two leading figures at New York City Ballet. The man who took Chopin’s nocturnes and in 1970 created In the Night – a short ballet for three couples. Initially, they appear on stage in turn, while in the finale they all dance at the same time. Each of the couples offers their own version of the dialogue between man and woman – and, impeccably reproducing the choreographic scene, all the performers bring their own ideas of paired relationships to these dialogues. The good-natured coquetry and the claims of divine service, competing in the dazzle and the childlike thirst for trust – all different people, and so every time In the Night looks just that little bit different from the previous display.
Anna Gordeyeva


World premiere: 29 January 1970, New York City Ballet, New York
Premiere at the Mariinsky Theatre: 18 March 1992
The premiere of the revival: 5 May 2009

Running time 25 minutes

Performed by permission of The Robbins Rights Trust

Age category 6+


"Push Comes to Shove"


Music by Joseph Lamb, Franz Joseph Haydn
Choreography by Twyla Tharp
Costume designer: Santo Loquasto
Lighting designer: Jennifer Tipton 
Assistant choreographer:  Elaine Kudo


World premiere: 9 January 1976, American Ballet Theatre, Uris Theater, New-York

Age category 6+


Schedule for Evening of one-act ballets: "Serenade", "In the Night", "Push Comes to Shove" 2020

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