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The Stars of the White Nights 2022
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25 September 2021 (Sat), 19:30 World famous Mariinsky Ballet and Opera - established 1783 - Stars of the Stars  Classical Ballet Evening of one-act ballets by Michel Fokine: Chopiniana. Le Spectre de la Rose. The Swan. Scheherazade

Running time: 2 hours 25 minutes (till 21:55)

The performance has 2 intermissions

Schedule for Evening of one-act ballets by Michel Fokine: Chopiniana. Le Spectre de la Rose. The Swan. Scheherazade 2022

Conductor: Boris Gruzin
Dancer: Alina Somova
Dancer: Yekaterina Kondaurova
Dancer: Yana Selina
Dancer: Philipp Stepin
Dancer: Roman Belyakov
Dancer: Maria Iliushkina
Dancer: Vlada Borodulina
Dancer: Camilla Mazzi
Dancer: Nikita Korneyev

Composer: Frederic Chopin
Costume Designer: Tatiana Noginova
Set Designer: Vyacheslav Okunev
Choreography: Michel Fokine
Composer: Camille Saint-Saens
Composer: Carl Maria Fon Weber
Composer: Robert Schumann
Composer: Alexander Glazunov
Lighting Designer: Alexander Naumov
Set Designer: Mikhail Shishliannikov
Composer: Hector Berlioz

Orchestra: Mariinsky Theatre Symphony Orchestra
Ballet company: Mariinsky (Kirov) Ballet

one-act ballets in 4 acts

The program opened with the poetic "Chopiniana", a Fokine masterpiece and a crown jewel of his choreographic legacy. This ballet has remained in the Mariinsky’s repertory for more than 100 years.

The ballet’s movements possess ultimate sophistication, with the ballerinas in ankle-length white flowing dresses dancing in a sublime, almost ethereal manner.

Michel Fokine’s "The Swan" (The Dying Swan) possibly the most iconic of the ballet solos.

The Swan is the symbol of Russian classical ballet. It has been danced by all the greatest dancers: Anna Pavlova, Galina Ulanova, Maja Plisetskaya and many others.



Music: Frederic Chopin (suite of piano pieces orchestrated: Alexander Glazunov and Maurice Keller)
Choreography: Michel Fokine (1908)
Scenario: Michel Fokine
Revised version: Agrippina Vaganova (1931)
Set design based on original sketches: Orest Allegri

World premiere: 8 March 1908, Mariinsky Theatre, St Petersburg

Running time: 35 minutes

"Le Spectre de la Rose"

Music: Carl Maria von Weber (Invitation to the Dance orchestrated: Hector Berlioz)
Choreography: Michel Fokine (1911)
Concept: Jean-Louis Vaudoyer based on the poem: Theophile Gautier
Scenario: Michel Fokine
Reconstruction: Isabelle Fokine
Set design: Viacheslav Okunev
Costume design after original designs: Leon Bakst

World premiere: 19 April 1911, Les Ballets Russes de Serge de Diaghilev, Theatre de Monte Carlo
In the repertoire of the Mariinsky Theatre since 1997

Running time: 11 minutes

"The Swan"
choreographic composition

Music: Camille Saint-Saens (from the Carnaval des Animaux suite)
Choreography: Michel Fokine (1907)

World premiere: 22 December 1907, Mariinsky Theatre, St Petersburg

Running time: 4 minutes


Music by Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov
Scenario by Leon Bakst and Michel Fokine after Arabian Nights fairytales
Choreography by Michel Fokine (1910)
Reconstruction by Isabelle Fokine, Andris Liepa
Set and costume design by Anna Nezhnaya, Anatoly Nezhny after original sketches: Leon Bakst


The harem of Shah Shahryar. 

Shahryar, King of India and China, is angry because his brother Shakhezman has suggested that his wives are unfaithful to him. To test the harem Shahryar goes off on a hunting expedition. 

Almost as soon as the court has departed the wives adorn themselves in jewels and bribe the Chief Eunuch to open the three doors which lead to the quarters where the male slaves live. Two doors are opened and the Chief Eunuch is about to leave when Zobeide, Shahryar’s favourite wife, demands that the third door also is opened. The Eunuch warns her against this, but with further bribes and pleas she insists. The door is opened and a Negro slave leaps through it to Zobeide’s side. They fall entwined upon the divan. 

Food is brought in to musical accompaniment. Dancing begins, led by the Golden Slave, and Zobeide joins in. But Shahryar has returned unannounced and bursts in upon the orgy. Slaughter follows and the revellers are indiscriminately cut down. The Chief Eunuch is strangled. Shahryar kills Zobeide’s lover with his own hands. Only Zobeide remains. Preferring death to dishonour she faces the Shah and then, with a dagger she grabs from him, she takes her own life.

Schedule for Evening of one-act ballets by Michel Fokine: Chopiniana. Le Spectre de la Rose. The Swan. Scheherazade 2022

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