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XVIII International Ballet Festival MARIINSKY The Stars of the White Nights 2019
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28 March 2018 (Wed), 19:00 World famous Mariinsky Ballet and Opera - established 1783 - Classical Ballet Edouard Deldevez, Ludwig Minkus and Riccardo Drigo "Paquita" ballet in three acts Tickets available only at

Running time: 2 hours 10 minutes (till 21:10)

The performance has 1 intermission

Schedule for Edouard Deldevez, Ludwig Minkus and Riccardo Drigo "Paquita" ballet in three acts 2019

Dancer: Viktoria Tereshkina
Dancer: Nadezhda Gonchar
Dancer: Yana Selina
Dancer: Yekaterina Ivannikova
Dancer: Elena Yevseyeva
Dancer: Timur Askerov
Dancer: David Zaleyev
Dancer: Renata Shakirova
Dancer: Roman Belyakov
Musical Director: Valery Ovsyanikov

Composer: Ludwig Minkus
Composer: Riccardo Drigo
Composer: Edouard Deldevez
Costume Designer: Elena Zaitseva
Choreography: Yuri Smekalov
Production design: Andrei Sevbo
Lighting Designer: Konstantin Binkin

Orchestra: Mariinsky Theatre Symphony Orchestra
Ballet company: Mariinsky (Kirov) Ballet

fantastic ballet in 2 act

Premiere of this production: 30 March 2017, Mariinsky Theatre, St Petersburg, Russia

Paquita, without doubt, would have answered to the tastes of our age, with its penchant for all kinds of melodrama. The heroine, a girl of aristocratic origin, whom bandits kidnapped as an infant, lives a nomad existence with a band of gypsies, traveling through the towns and villages of Spain. After undergoing various adventures, she is eventually reunited with her parents and acquires a suitor of noble birth. But Time has been harsh on Paquita: jettisoning both storyline and itspantomime development, it spared only the dance element in the ballet.

Yuri Smekalov is working on the new production, while Marius Petipa's choreography of the Grand pas is being reconstructed by Yuri Burlaka. The St Petersburg premiere of the ballet Paquita in 1847 (a transfer of the Paris production at the Bolshoi (Stone) Theatre was Marius Petipa's first work as a choreographer in Russia. Having undergone several revivals, which saw the addition of individual dance numbers, the ballet remained on the playbill for a long time. In the Soviet period the full version of the ballet vanished from the repertoire – only the bravura Grand pas was retained, to this day remaining a "jewel in the crown" of ballet evenings. 


Act I 
Count Albrecht, in love with the peasant girl Giselle, keeps his noble status a secret from her. Giselle’s other admirer Hans, a woodsman, tries to warn her that Albrecht is not who he claims to be, but Giselle doesn’t want to hear him. Left alone, Hans enters the hunter’s cottage and removes Albrecht’s sword with bears his noble coat of arms. 
The sounds of a horn announce the arrival of a hunting party, amongst whom the Count’s betrothed – Bathilde and her father. They stop to seek rest in the village. The Count’s fiancée, charmed by Giselle’s innocence and beauty, gives the girl an expensive necklace. 
The hunting party retires and the peasants begin a celebration of their own to mark the harvest. At the height of the festivities Hans appears. He accuses Albrecht of lying and shows the Count’s sword as proof. Giselle refuses to believe it. Then Hans blows the hunting horn and before the embarrassed Count his fiancée appears. Giselle is in despair. She loses her reason and dies. 

Act II 
It is midnight. Hans has come to Giselle’s grave. The Wilis appear – the ghosts of brides who died before their weddings – and frighten him. They emerge from their graves with a passion to dance the way they could not when still alive and anyone who happens to be in the graveyard at the time must dance till they drop dead. Myrtha, the Queen of the Wilis, summons Giselle’s soul from her tomb and initiates her into their order. 
Count Albrecht comes to his beloved’s grave. His grief and despair touch Giselle. She forgives Albrecht. 
The Wilis force Hans to dance until he is exhausted and, spinning round, throw him into the lake. The same fate awaits Albrecht. Myrtha forces him to dance. Giselle begs Myrtha to set Albrecht free but Myrtha is unmoved. Dawn breaks. With the rise of the sun the Wilis lose their power. Albrecht is saved. Giselle bids farewell to her beloved – this time forever...


Adolphe Adam "Giselle" (fantastic ballet in two acts) 

Giselle - a young, pretty seamstress with a weak heart who falls in love with Albrecht.

Albrecht - the romantic hero. A prince who is in love with Giselle but is engaged to Bathilde.

Hilarion - the village gamekeeper who is in love with Giselle.

Berthe - Giselle's mother.

Wilred - Albrecht's squire.

Bathilde - Albrecht's fiancee.

Myrta - the queen of the wilis.

Schedule for Edouard Deldevez, Ludwig Minkus and Riccardo Drigo "Paquita" ballet in three acts 2019

Sergei Polunin - Grand Pas from the ballet Paquita
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Sergei Polunin - Grand Pas from the ballet Paquita

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