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Circus show New Year circus performance for children
State Classical Circus of St. Petersburg (established 1827) - The Chinizelli circus

Running time: 2 hours 30 minutes

Schedule for New Year circus performance for children 2021

New Year’s circus tale “13 months” in the Circus on Fontanka!

During these winter holidays, the Circus on Fontanka will present the audience with the premiere of one of the most colorful, interesting and impressive New Year’s performances - the unique show “13 months” based on the beloved childhood fairy tale.

We all know that the year is divided into 12 months - each of them is special, but, according to the “Big Book of Time”, few people know that there is the Thirteenth month, which was stolen and bewitched in the Castle of Evil. What is this mysterious character and when does his time come? The audience will be able to find out the answers together with the heroes of the New Year’s circus performance “13 months”.

With her pure heart and soul, the main character of the fairy tale Nastya accidentally breaks the clock of the Kingdom of Time. The powerful sorcerer takes advantage of this, starting to sow evil, envy and fear in the world. He abducts the Thirteenth month and with it the New Year itself.

A brave girl has to save the holiday. On her way, she experiences many adventures: she travels to different countries, meets unusual fellow travelers - African and sea lions, paradise parrots from the wizarding world, sees different natural phenomena and seasons, and also gets acquainted with the valiant and brave 12 brothers-months.

According to legend, the brothers-months can make real any desires, but their miracles will benefit only those who believe in themselves, can be friends and take care of others! Thanks to the indifferent Nastya, the once scattered brothers will reunite, free their brother from the Castle of Evil and together return happiness, love and the New Year to the world.

The action of the fairy tale will take place on a unique arena-scene, which will complement the New Year’s premiere with an unforgettable show of ice fountains, a fascinating story and a bewitching atmosphere. Ded Moroz (Father Frost) and Snegurochka (Snow Maiden) will definitely appear at the New Year’s performance. Original magical story will be accompanied by author’s music and more than 200 exclusive costumes. The artistic director of the project is the famous circus artist Daria Kostyuk.

Sit down in our magic sleigh, about to go on a journey through all the seasons, and 13 months will swirl the audience in their fabulous New Year’s show! We are waiting for you in the Circus on Fontanka from December 20 to January 19!

Schedule for New Year circus performance for children 2021

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