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18 January 2018 (Thu), 19:30 World famous Mariinsky Ballet and Opera - established 1783 - Tours of Mariinsky Theatre Primorsky Stage Classical Ballet Tours of Mariinsky Theatre Primorsky Stage

The performance has 2 intermissions

Schedule for Tours of Mariinsky Theatre Primorsky Stage 2018/2019

Classical Ballet in 3 acts

Valery Gergiev
Artistic and General Director of the Mariinsky Theatre

Anna Kasatkina
Director of the Primorsky Stage of the Mariinsky Theatre

The Primorsky Stage of the Mariinsky Theatre the most modern theatre in the Far East and one of the youngest theatres in Russia.

Theatre of the unique composition of creative and technical specialists

In the composition of the ballet troupe are dancers from Russia, Kyrgyzstan, Japan, Romania, Brazil, South Korea, USA

Soloists of the Opera company are representatives of the best theaters in the country. C 2015 the Director of the Opera theatre, mezzo soprano Larissa Diadkova. A lot of vocalists from St. Petersburg. For example, the tenor Alexey Kostyuk, Maria Basmanova, who only last year graduated from the St. Petersburg Conservatory. Tatiana Makarchuk came from the Center of Opera singing of Galina Vishnevskaya in Moscow. In 2016, the theatre's artistic Director Valery Gergiev has announced the appointment of chief conductor of the Seaside scenes of the Mariinsky theatre Pavel Smelkov, chief guest conductor of the theater was Vladislav Karklin.

The orchestra includes musicians from Primorye artists from St. Petersburg, Moscow, Belarus, South Korea.


Prologue: Shipwreck

A groups of Mediterranean corsairs (pirates), led by Conrad, Birbanto, and the slave Ali are caught at sea in a fierce storm. Soon, their great ship sinks.

Act I

Scene 1: The Sea-Shore Conrad and his friends are washed ashore. Young Greek women appear, led by Medora and Gulnare. They soon discover the shipwrecked corsairs, and immediately Medora and Conrad fall in love. But soon the women become aware of impending danger, and quickly hide the corsairs. A patrol of Turkish traders, in league with the villainous slave dealer Lankandem, are hunting for beautiful woman to sell as slaves. The Turks soon capture the young Greek women, and are paid handsomely by Lankendem. They soon head off to the slave market in a Turkish bazaar, and the corsairs vow to rescue the unfortunate maidens.

Scene 2: The Slave Market Amidst the bustle and barter the wealthy Seid Pasha turns up at the slave market to purchase beautiful young slave women for his harem. Lankendem shows off all of the fruits of his travels from foreign lands, and though he extols the beauty of captive maidens from Palestine and Algeria, the Pasha is not interested. Soon Lankendem presents Gulnare, who enchants the Pasha. Gulnare and Lankendem dance a Pas d’action (the Pas d’esclave). He then pays handsomely for her as she is carried off to his harem. But Lankendem has saved his greatest spoil for last - the beautiful Medora. The Pasha soon makes his offer, but is soon outbid by an unknown trader, who is Conrad in disguise. Conrad then wins Medora and whisks her away, followed by her fellow captives. In the confusion the Corsaires also take Lankendem captive.

Act II

The Corsaire’s Cave Conrad and his fellow corsairs take Medora and her fellow maidens to their cave filled with treasure. At the height of the celebrations Medora and Conrad declare their love, and Ali vows to be Medora’s devoted slave. The three dance a Grand Pas Classique (the Grand Pas de Deux Trois or Le Corsaire Pas de Deux). The woman ask Medora to intercede on their behalf so that they may be released. Conrad promises to free them, but Birbanto and his friends protest, and a fight breaks out. Conrad keeps his word and releases the woman. Lankendem, who has witnessed the conflict, strikes a deal with Birbanto and his friends - in exchange for his freedom, he informs them of a potion that, when sprinkled on a flower, can immideiately induce sleep. Birbanto and his friends agree. Conrad and Medora return, relishing in the chance to be alone together. Lankendem then offers Medora a bouquet of flowers to give to Conrad. Conrad then smells the beautiful flowers and falls asleep. Soon, Lankendem, Birbanto, and their cohorts capture Medora. Conrad then awakes, and he and Ali vow to save her once again.


Scene 1: The Seid Pasha’s Harem Gulnare is being fted by the Pasha, and she is enjoying herself. Lankendem soon arrives and presents the Pasha with three woman of ideal beauty to entertain the harem. They dance a Pas de Trois Classique (the Grand Pas de Trois des Odalisques). Soon Lankendem carries in the greatest prize - Medora. Though she is very sad at having been captured once more, her spirits are lifted when she is re-united with Gulnare.

Scene 2: Le Jardin Anim Medora, Gulnare, and the woman of the harem join together to dance a fantastical Grand Ballabile in which they celebrate beauty, grace, and harmony in a garden filled with flowers and magic fountains.

Scene 3: The Rescue Afterwards, the Pasha is warned that mysterious pilgrims have arrived. The pilgrims arrival coincides with the evening prayer, which is conducted by the leader, who is really Conrad in disguise. Their true identity is soon revealed, and they take revenge on the Pasha, his men, and Lankendem. They rescue Medora and Gulnare.





    Medora, Conrad, Gulnare, and Ali set sail for new adventures, certain this time of lasting happiness.

    Schedule for Tours of Mariinsky Theatre Primorsky Stage 2018/2019

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