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Concert Concert by students of the Petersburg Rimsky-Korsakov College of Music
World famous Mariinsky Ballet and Opera Theatre - Opera and Concert Hall

Schedule for Concert by students of the Petersburg Rimsky-Korsakov College of Music 2018/2019

Orchestra: Mariinsky Theatre Symphony Orchestra

TheáStáPetersburg Rimsky-Korsakov College of Musicáľ one of Russiaĺs oldest academic institutions offering secondary-school level professional musical education and almost theáonly such institution ináStáPetersburg that has retained theátraditions of Russian classical music teaching to theápresent day. Theácollege can trace its roots back to theáôRapgof Coursesö inámusic and drama that were founded by theáRussian pianist and teacher Yevgeny Pavlovich Rapgofá1882. With theápassing of time, inátheá1920sáandá30s theáeducational establishment was restructured several times, and fromá1934 it became part of theáLeningrad Conservatoire and for aálong periodáľ fromá1936 toá1991áľ it was called theáôMusic School of theáLeningrad Conservatoireö.
TheáAlma Mater of several generations of musicians, theácollege retains its high status of unquestionable authority and is one of theáforemost centres of music learning. Theácollege has trained a plethora of outstanding musicians. They include stars of world opera such as Pavel Lisitsian, Olga Borodina and Anna Netrebko, theácomposers Andrei Petrov and Boris Tishchenko and theáconductor Veronika Dudarova.
Popular performers and stage artistes studied here, among them Lyudmila Senchina and theácomposer Igor Kornelyuk.
Graduates of theácollege have made a significant contribution to theágrowth of Russian music studies, and they are to be found among teachers inámusic schools, soloists ináorchestral ensembles and music theatres ináStáPetersburg and other towns and cities. Theáwonderful traditions of theáRussian school of music that they have assimilated are being passed on to new generations of young performers, both ináRussia and abroad.
Various ensembles play a special role inátheálife of theácollege: a female and a mixed chorus, string, brass and symphony orchestras, an orchestra of folk musical instruments and various other instrumental ensembles. Established practices include regular performances by theáchoruses, orchestras and soloists from among theástudents and teachers at concert venues ináStáPetersburg and other towns and cities as well as numerous victories atáfestivals and competitions.á

Schedule for Concert by students of the Petersburg Rimsky-Korsakov College of Music 2018/2019

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